Interthoughts Consulting dedicates the best minds in the business in offering key services that include but not limited to:

  • Devolution, Leadership &Governance (capacity building/training/research advocacy).
  • Institutional capacity development (organizational development training).

  • Strategic business communication (speech writing, strategic plans for organizations).
  • Organizational performance management &Emotional intelligence evaluation (OD).
  • Soft skills training.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Talent search &Recruitment.

  • Editorial work (e.g. Document editing & lay out: annual reports, research reports, leaflets, Brochures
  • Monitoring &Evaluation.
  • Human Resource Audit &Training.
  • Leadership &Management Training.
  • Report Writing, Public Speaking &Presentation Skills Training.

  • Corporate Training &Team building.
  • Career planning and development.
  • Sales &Marketing Training.
  • Branding: (brand equity, positioning, competence &behavior, development).
  • Governance &Human Rights research.
  • Fundraising &effective resource mobilization.
  • Research &Development.
  • Public Speaking Executive Coaching.

In the media..

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