Interthoughts Consulting is comprised of 20 highly  experienced and educated consultants, of which 12 are full  time consultants and 8 Associate Consultants. It has four administrative directors who oversee the day-to-day  management. Interthoughts Consulting makes a strategic  contribution in the shaping of Socio-economic development of Kenya in particular and East Africa in general by helping organizations and individuals to meet their strategic objectives and for competent strategic engagement and positioning.  Interthoughts Consulting offers Knowledge-based training and  tools to facilitate and support organizations in developing and implementing their internal and external programmes and  linkages, so as to achieve their strategic goals. Through strategic capacity building assistance, Interthoughts  Consulting continues to help key organizations and sector  leaders in developing and sustaining their strategic capacity,  and to build durable internal and external communication  systems and programmes for the greater good of the local  and international community. We help organizations excel in  democracy and governance, policy and communication initiatives; Leadership; Public relations; research in health,  education, public speaking, marketing, environmental  development and human rights discourse.

Our Vision

To expand individual and institutional ideas beyond horizons.

Our Mission

To help individuals and organizations achieve holistic growth through creative, strategic and innovative
application of communication paradigms, research, organizational development and governance approaches.

Our Philosophy

We believe in giving keen attention to the individual and  institutional strength and consolidate the same towards realizing satisfactory results. Aware also, that each institution faces unique prospects and struggles, we offer time-tested and proven training skills through our unique service delivery approach called Interthoughts Immersion TM that identify, isolate and eliminate these challenges and set the organization soaring to success.