Foresightedness: We appreciate individual dreams and  organizational visions as the pivotal points upon which challenges are diagnosed and the desired aspirations brought within reach.

Inclusiveness: Motivated people are the driving force of any  institution. We offer unique strategies that tap into this energy for the unlimited success of the individual and the institution.

Flexibility in our work methods: We place a high premium on  our clients' needs and committed to the principle of their  inherent uniqueness, we tailor our methods to suit them best.

Our methods have the following base line:

  • Agenda Setting: We employ this method to help identify the  foundations and strengths upon which the organization is built. This is paramount in helping the organization to identify  challenges and suggest workable remedies.
  • Support and Solution Sustainability: We provide clearly  defined inputs such as mentoring services, development of systems and procedures to improve the organization's  effectiveness in the implementation of programs.
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge: We offer training functions in identification of needs, preparation of materials and conduct follow-ups and evaluation of training programs. Interthoughts Consulting facilitates exchange visits designed to ensure that participants and hosts attain self- propelling  status.
  • Consultancy Approach: Interthoughts' consulting services  are research-driven, practical and result-oriented. We  involve the client in every significant stage from problem  diagnosis to the successful implementation phase. This  participatory approach is aimed at building internal  capacities of the organization to enhance continuous  improvement. We go with the client all the way to the  desired results.
  • Holistic approach: Interthoughts is aware of the need for integrated approaches to development planning. Thus, in  strategy development and programme design, we look at  issues in their rightful context so that both practical and strategic needs are addressed.