Elective office aspirations may seem absurd at times. Politics is dynamic, draining, and exhaustive, and calls for high level strategies discharged locally, from community neighborhoods to board rooms. It is like a game of Chess, only that the board here could be the Ward, Constituency, County or Country.

This is the reason why you need Interthoughts Consulting, to be the brains behind your victory. At Interthoughts Consulting, we LISTEN, we PLAN, we EXECUTE, and we WIN with you. Elections are won long before Election Day. We help you to realise that Election Day is just needed to confirm your victory. We help you to see who you really are politically; we help you scale up dynamics of political psychology; we design and construct you message and the approaches to messaging, then we polish your image; we take you to the voters – their hearts and minds through high powered stagecraft and message delivery; we help you rise against the odds.

We make you the candidate to watch in the election. Our team comprises of accomplished strategists, acclaimed and talented brains in political strategy, communication, media handling, speechwriting, law and psychology. None of our candidates has lost an election before. We are the game changers. When you have Interthoughts Consulting, you start preparing to be sworn into office.