In leadership, effective speech delivery is golden. Every  significant communication needs to be done with precision, timeliness and strategy. Effective public speaking comes  through proper training and coaching in both verbal & nonverbal approaches. We provide excellent one-on-one  executive coaching, and team coaching as well. Interthoughts  Consulting provides acclaimed public speaking clinic services to senior executives and corporate institutions. This coaching is aimed at sharpening individuals who have a burning desire  to be successful speakers whether at personal or public engagements.

Our proven training methods and the skillful guidance of our  talented consultants ensure that you will experience tangible results in your presentation and leadership skills. This program will provide lifelong value. It will change your life!

Public Speaking Course

This course is expertly handled and offers the individual  tremendous skills in crafting history changing speeches. Through the insights and practical demonstrations given, the individual is  invited to share the platform with great orators and placed on the path to carve themselves a niche as the giants of the art of speaking.

  • The DIN of public speaking
  • The 12 strategies of effective public speaking
  • Content Preparation &Mastery
  • Audience Analysis and Targeting
  • Speaking to Lead
  • Crisis Management During Delivery
  • Emotional Intelligence in Public Speaking
  • Persuasion techniques that never fail
  • Building Your Capacity as a Motivational
  • Managing nerves and anxiety
  • Intelligent PowerPoint Presentations
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Public Speaking
  • Dealing with a hostile audience

Corporate Courses In Public Speaking

Interthoughts offers a lucrative, efficient and time conscious  raining to corporate organizations through a highly effective and high impact practical public speaking sessions.

Customized Courses

  • Financial communications
  • Effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Self-branding
  • Grooming and image management
  • Speaking at interviews
  • Becoming a highly-sought-after speaker